Custom Cakes


If you prefer the traditional cakes, check out our creations and unique twist to your vision.

Serving Sizes and Pricing:

  • All servings are approximate
  • Price may vary on detail and decoration
  • Prices down below do not reflect on wedding cakes
  • Please feel free to contact us to set up a consultation to talk more in detail and design.
  • We would need a week in advance to create your special cake
Size Serving Price Adding Filling and Extra Décor
6 inch 6-8 $40 $5
8 inch 12-14 $80 $10
10 inch 18-25 $120 $15
12 inch 28-38 $160 $20
14 inch 45-58 $200 $25
16 inch 60-76 $240 $30

Flavors and Design:

Each tier can be a different flavor; our flavors will be the same as our cupcake menu. Designs can be re-created as you please. Decoration may include edible and non-edible toys and candies.


You are welcome in our cupcake shop